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SistaBassBone Studios is mission-driven organization that is committed to providing space and care for the creatives.

SistaBassBone Studios is the House of Funmi - trombonist, guitarist, bassist, percussionist.  A native of Washington, DC, her musical roots and influences include Gospel, Go-Go, Blues, Jazz, Soul, New Orleans Second-Line, ATL-House, and AfroBeat.  For almost 40 years she has performed throughout the country in various venues with numerous artists.  She has lived in D.C., Dallas, TX, Atlanta, GA, Columbus, OH and currently she's back in the "A". As you visit the pages on this site, you will get a glimpse of the musician, the educator, the activist, and the lover of life. Music is more than her passion... it is the oxygen that gives SistaBassBone life. 

SistaBassBone Studios officially produces podcasts and is accepting new clients. It is the official recording studio for Holistically Speaking, the podcast for Holistic Alchemy; a local business now in Atlanta, GA, that specializes in healing and self care for women of color.  Listen to Iya Lami as she helps women bring the magic back using the art of self care.

SistaBassBone Studios believes in supporting the youth.  It is the offical home for Apocalypse, a teen DJ specializing in youth parties. 

Thank you for visiting. We look forward to working with you real soon.  







Our Vision

Musicians have a retreat to listen to their muses and ebb & flow freely.

Our Mission

To provide a musically creative space for organically birthing new ideas.

Our Purpose

Musicians need an incubator to make the music. 



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